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Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux/ Windows Mobile

We repair and diagnose computer problems remotely if your internet connection is functioning. We can access Mac, Unix/Linux, and Windows operating systems. With your permission we can access these systems while you watch or in your absence. Either way you can download a transcript of the session and a copy of the chat file that occurs between us. We also offer SEO services, website update and design, programming services, and hosting from $9.95

Running Slow? ... Internet Sluggish?

You may be here because your system has begun to falter, run slow, be plagued by mysterious pop-ups, spyware or viruses, perhaps your Internet speed is much slower than it should be, or you may need help with a piece of software. We can help AND teach you at the same time.


Once you decide to proceed, we will email you asking you for a time that would be convenient to access your computer to diagnose your problem. At the arranged time we will email you a link to click on. This link is a link to a plug-in session key that will open up an encrypted link to us. You will download the plug-in and you will then be asked to allow us to access your computer. If you agree you will see a window appear that enables you to terminate the session at any time with a big red stop button, and a section to chat with us to ask any questions about what we are doing. You will finally be asked to allow us to (i) view your computer (ii) access and control your computer, or (iii) deny us access and close the connection. If you allow us to access your system, you will then observe everything we do, you may see your mouse move to the start button and open the control panel, or we may open your registry etc.


After we diagnose the problem, we will tell you what is needed to repair it. All the time you can see exactly what we are doing and terminate the connection at anytime, the final control with access lies with you. During repair we may open your system registry, control panel, run system optimizers, virus detection programs etc, or maybe what you thought was a problem was inexperience with new software you've purchased and we can demonstrate how to go about it. It's really about whatever you require of us to sort your problems out on-line. If reboot is necessary, when we reboot your computer it will boot up and reconnect to us without your intervention.

Video of Session and chat

At completion of the service after we log off or you terminate the session, you can go to our hosts website and download a copy of the chat that took place, and a transcript of the entire session, so you can go over any tuition involved, and learn yourself what we are doing.


The cost is $29.95 for the first hour or part thereof. Most repairs can be done in that time. If we finish sooner, we will optimize your computer, internet connection etc, answer any questions you have by chat, or perhaps show you how to do something thats always troubled you. Once we diagnose your problem it is usually fixed within minutes. If remedying it is going to take several hours, we will adjust the fee (second hour and further hours we will price at $29.95 an hour or part hour in 5 minute blocks ie 34 minutes would be charged as 30 minutes = $14.90.) We commit once we start to finishing the job and not leaving you in the same position as you started but now out of pocket. If for any reason we cannot help you with your problem on-line, we will inform you of what you need to do to repair it (replace video card, network card etc). We will never leave you in the dark as to what is going on and at minimum will give you answers. We finish what we start and won't leave you in limbo. We are fair. We want repeat business, and we do all we can to leave a pleased and happy customer. You might wish to consider a years *free* phone and internet support with online repair for $149.


Each session key expires and is deleted from your computer at the close of a session. We can then never access your computer again unless you request us to do so with a new application through our website. Should you wish us to access your computer if you are not present on a maintenance basis after you trust our service, we can download a special Jump Start program to you where you don't have to be present for us to log in, again afterwards when convenient you can download and view exactly what we did. Our connection to you is through Bomgar, one of the worlds largest security organisations. Their credentials are beyond question, and our account continuing with them is contingent upon our impeccable service record.
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